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About KKR Consulting


KKR Consulting was founded by Kathrin Kraenkl in January 2012.
The focus of the company is on ratio-intuitive business communication.
It centers around the practical application of the findings of brain research in regards to questions like “How are we influenced in what we do? How do we make decisions?”

Humans act predominantly intuitively and follow their gut-feelings.
Only afterwards they look at facts and figures.
Business communication hardly takes this knowledge into account.
KKR Consulting regards this as a great opportunity for businesses and supports its clients to act according to their gut feeling where applicable
in internal as well as external communication.

Kathrin Kraenkl studied Communication Sciences in Vienna (Austria)
and afterwards specialized in Market- and Opinion Research as well as Public Relations. When Neurosciences continuously published more and more fascinating results, Kathrin Kraenkl decided to enhance her skills in this area. She completed several Systemic and Neurosystemic Coaching Courses and is a certified IPMA D Projectmanager.

Her clients value Kathrin´s 20+ years of experience in Marketing.
She was Marketing Manager in international companies such as
Procter & Gamble and led multifunctional teams.
Her latest assignment was a position as CEO of a Public Relations Agency in Vienna. Her broad business experience enables Kathrin
to understand the needs of her customers quickly and to develop successful analyses and target focused concepts.


Clear and customer oriented communication is the answer to increasing challenges in our daily working life.

Brain science reveals how people decode messages and make decisions. Smart usage of technical innovations enables companies to create fully individualized messages.

KKR Consulting supports you to find a direct way into the brains and hearts of your target group.