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Emofficiency in Project Management


Only 30% of all projects are successfully completed.

All others are either delayed, well above budget or are even cancelled. Taking into account the knowledge from modern brain research, projects can be managed more quickly, more efficiently and more successfully.

In cooperation with partners, KKR Consulting has developed the workshop “Emofficiency in Project Management”. Emofficiency means, using emotions efficiently.

The workshop-participants learn, how to successfully incorporate neurosystemic tools within projects, e.g. the power of images and stories, language patterns or work on objectives. The newly acquired knowledge is an ideal supplement to classical or agile Project Management methods.


The workshops “Emofficiency in Project Management” take place in Perchtoldsdorf on the southern outskirts of Vienna.

Details on dates, content and registration are available on the website of Brainsource, a cooperation partner of KKR Consulting. The workshop will be in German.

In case you are interested in an English version or a workshop targeted to your company, we are happy to compile a targeted offer for you.

Kathrin Kraenkl will be your consultant:
+43 (0) 664 303 84 38