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Strategies and Tools


Improvements in the technology of computers, internet and Co. enables us nowadays to be wired to the office network from anywhere. Especially young employees are flexible and expect their employers to respond to their needs.

How can you take advantage of this trend?
Where are opportunities, where risks?
Is your business environment ready to offer home-office concepts and a remote working structure? If so, what is important to know and to consider?

Netmeeting and videoconferences are affordable today. How do these tools work? What has to be true that these techniques may replace face to face meetings and save cost?

KKR Consulting has a long lasting practical experience in this area.
Talk to us and let´s find out together how you may benefit from the technical progress!


KKR Consulting demonstrates how you may enter the linked working environment with minimum effort. Start now with video conferencing, mobile internet and business chat.
Once you have tried synchronized e-mail, calendars and data, you will not look back anymore.